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All package sign-ups include a free consultation. Schedule yours today by texting or calling 978-312-2372.

We offer four college preparation and application packages. In your free initial consultation, we will assess your requirements and suggest the most suitable package for your needs. We are available to assist students from as early as the winter of 8th grade until any point during their high school years.

Comprehensive Package

The Comprehensive Package is our most popular extensive service that assists at each step of the college admissions process.  We help students portray their values and what makes them unique for a memorable college application. The Comprehensive Package includes the following:

  • Assessment to help uncover strong career choices for the student using personality, strengths, and interests.
  • Creating and amending a college list that reflects the student’s interests, goals, and abilities.
  • Establishing a timeline for the application process personalized to fit the student.
  • Resources for standardized test planning.
  • Guidance on impactful college visits and interview tips.
  • Assistance in creating a resume.
  • Suggestions for courses and extracurricular activities to explore interests, gain insight, and strengthen the overall college application.
  • Monitoring all aspects of the personal statement.
  • Producing outstanding supplemental essays that convey important values of student.
  • Routine communication with students and parents throughout the college application process.
10-Hour Block

We understand that some students don’t need as much guidance as the Comprehensive Package. We offer a 10-hour package that gives you ten sessions with our college admissions consultant. This is ideal for students who are not procrastinators and are self-starters looking for a tutor-like service for college applications.

  • Initial meeting with student and family to create a plan of action, discuss college list, interests, and future goals, and conduct interviews.
  • Curriculum is self-paced and requires student engagement.

20-Hour Block

Generally, students who need help with the college essays, activities list, and application require around 20 sessions.

  • Action plans will be mapped out for the 20 sessions based on initial intake and what the student needs.
Complete Application Review

This one-time submission is for students who want their college application read with edits/comments. You submit your activities list, personal statement, and supplemental essays for one school. We will confirm your submission and get the edits back within 5 business days. We require edits to be submitted 2 weeks prior to the application deadline.

You will receive a Google document with instructions for uploading items. A college admissions consultant will read and edit your Google document and include a 5-minute video overviewing the strengths and weaknesses of the application.