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College admissions want to hear your voice. I help you find it.

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Meet Your College Admissions Consultant, Liz

Liz is dedicated to supporting high school students nationwide as they navigate the college admissions journey, beginning as early as freshman year. Drawing from her background in curriculum design and a commitment to empowering students, she offers a meticulously crafted approach that fosters individualized pathways to success. Focusing on uncovering each student’s distinctive strengths, Liz assists in articulating their narratives on college applications.

“I believe in bringing transparency to the stressful college application process. I bring the resources of a big college consulting company to a small cohort of students each year.” – Liz

“Liz, thank you for all the advice you’ve given me, in and outside my college essays. You have considered everything I said in the first meeting, like teaching me how to do something instead of just assigning things to do. You made a world of difference and helped me not feel stressed or overwhelmed.” -Former Student

Our Process

At College EDvantage LLC, we help families navigate the college admissions process.  Our personalized, student-driven approach empowers students to find their authentic voices and put forth their best college application.  We believe there is an epic college out there for everyone.  Let’s find yours!

Our Students

Liz is the G.O.A.T.! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I got into my dream school, and I couldn’t have done it without you!” -Former Client


Liz S. (she/her) is a passionate college counselor, yoga teacher, and college essay coach. Liz has a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science & Photography from Allegheny College, a Master’s in Bilingual Education with a concentration in Curriculum Design from the Universidad de Alcalá in Madrid, Spain, and a Certificate in College Counseling from the University of California Los Angeles Extension. Liz has worked in education for over a decade – as a teacher, academic director, and curriculum writer. Her passion for college counseling began as an Assistant Director of Education at a non-profit organization, where she worked with first-generation high school students on college/scholarship applications, essays, and interviews to make higher education accessible. Liz has successfully coached students from diverse backgrounds to earn acceptance at large research institutions, small liberal arts colleges, and highly selective schools. When she is not working with students or visiting college campuses, Liz enjoys traveling, yoga, playing with dogs, and going to the beach. She currently resides in Topsfield, MA.

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“Liz helped me make a list of colleges to apply to, and she helped me brainstorm and edit my essays. She provided excellent resources and kindly conducted herself, even when disciplining me for not sticking to my schedule. I would work with her again in a heartbeat. I’m so thankful to have had her help. Without her, I would have been so lost.

With anyone else, I’m not sure I would have felt comfortable sharing my intimate thoughts and feelings needed for a successful essay.

“Liz is the biggest support I had when applying to college. I was completely lost and overwhelmed. With her experience and guidance, I showed the best of myself in my college application and got accepted to every college I applied to.  Without her help, I probably would never be in my engineering program now.”

“Liz helped me stay organized and keep my head in the game. She made me feel comfortable to open up to. Thanks Liz!”

“I didn’t know where to go to college. Liz helped me figure that out.”

What surprised me was this wasn’t just about the application process. I feel as though I’ve made a genuine friend in my counselor. The encouragement, emotional support, and conversations that we had were so uplifting. I’m forever grateful.

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